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May 15th, 2019 Posted By: Harry

AFK Tree Added. Semi-AFK Energy siphon zone added at Minigame. Members zone added at home. New pets added with DR and DDR. Fixed drop rates and for multiple items. Added Custom Gloves into the game, dropped by the TRIO BROS. Fixed Marvel Raids drops. Changed the Guns so that none of them require bullets. Added SWEET starter pack to players who join this month.

May 13th, 2019 Posted By: Harry

Added custom sets for range, mage, and melee. Added custom weapons for range, mage, and melee. Balanced the combat triangle. Added Mewtwo Portal for highscore minigame. Added best cape in slot to the fightcave/highscore minigame.

May 12th, 2019 Posted By: Harry

Added altars to home area. Added Upgrade Machine to Home Area. Monster teleports Zirconis+ require kill requirement. Nex has been readded to the server. Le'fosh boss added + drops Lefosh boxes (1b Tickets, ROW, ROW[1], ROW[2], scroll of efficiency, Pet MBOX, Super Scroll, & Donator Box). Alien boss added that drops Pet boxes, Donor Boxes and good amount of cash. Added 4 slayer masters to home area. HarLakk Riftsplitter, Ballak Pummeler, and Tokash Bloodchiller bosses have been added. Transferred to a more powerful host. Upgrade machine & curses altar now works Added Allan to Easy Task, Alien to Medium Task, PlaneFreezer to Hard Tasks, Baphomet to Hard Tasks, and Nex to Elite Task Warriors guild minigame has been fixed. Dark Predator Leg's now fixed. Dice bag has now been added into the Gambler Shop

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