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Duo Slayer Released! Phoenix Mount and Divine Rank Released!

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Bethlehem Third Anniversary! 
1. King Harry is back!
2. Wyrm Chest now contains 50 x Anniversary Chests as a drop
3. Easter and 420 Boxes are now removed from the store
4. Recap on Anniversary Chests:

New addition to Anniversary Event: Anniversary Necklace
1. Anniversary Necklace (3rd Year Limited) is an uncommon drop in the Anniversary Chest 
2. It has no stats but can be combined with a normal collector's necklace to make a Collectors (i)
3. It can also be combined with a set of Anniversary Masks and a Collectors (i) into 3rd Year (i)
4. 3rd Year (i) Necklace will have 30DR/DDR and 30K stats, becoming the official BIS 
5. The necklace will also be a rare drop at King Harry

Contest for 3rd Anniversary:
1. First to combine a 3rd Year (i) 
2. First to complete the King Harry drop logs 
3. First to complete their Anniversary Chest Collection Log
4. The 3 winners will get to rename their necklace and choose between another +3DR/DDR or +30K Stats

1. There will be a week's worth of events coming starting on May 17th events 
2. We will be giving away a normal 3rd Year Anniversary Necklace everyday through our discord giveaway 🎁giveaways 
3. On the day of our official anniversary, May 17th 2022, we will give away a 3rd Year Anniversary (i) Necklace, Mask (i), and much more during our live-stream event

Key Power Creep Update:
1. In order to keep the BIS items of the past in line with all the power creeps we've had, we're giving the Sephiroth Set +15DR/DDR per piece instead of +10DR/DDR
2. We're giving Sephiroth (i) +30DR/DDR instead of +25DR/DDR per piece, with +40DR/DDR for the helm
2. We're also giving Kylo Ren set a base DR of +5DR/DDR per piece

Added to Store upon popular request:
1. Grinch Set - $350
2. Long Claw - $150

Quality of Life:
1. BattlePass Season 3 has been added to Player Crates, Ironman Chest, and Wyrm Chest
2. Bong (i) and Hades (i) are now untradeable upon the consideration that they both require untradeable items to create

3. Lever Added to Vegeta

Bug Fixes:
1. 3rd Year amulet now collects quad boxes


Get Ready for Our THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY on May 17th!
1. We're opening up Divine Zone to all for a week to try out!
2. Please don't crash or we might have to end the event early
3. We will be releasing a revamped Anniversary Box and Boss on the 12th
4. Tons of Giveaways and Events, stay tuned

Easter Coming to an End
1. Easter Bunny is now removed, those who have the Easter Basket can continue to farm it!
2. Congratulations to our 4 winners for our Easter Event again, your extra stats and renames have been implemented
3. Easter Boxes will be in Store for one more day

Battle Pass SEASON 3 (Over $400+ worth of items)
1. Some Juicy Rewards this Year! (Checkout Full Rewards Here:
2. 10% OFF for the first week! 


Quality of Life Updates:
1. Phoenix now Drops 3 Feathers and Divine drops 5
2. Bong (i) no longer says null when combined
3. Control + H takes you home
4. Pet Yoda now gives +10% Magic Damage properly
5. Untradeable Dragon Balls are now combinable 

Upon popular request we have added the following to the store:
1. Eternal Dragon Slayer Set - $150
2. Joker Set - $350

We're currently working on reskinning the Shop as well!