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Update August 7th, 2022

New Summer Boss - MAUI
CheeHoo!!! Maui has been spotted on the shores of “Mudskipper Point” basking it up under the palm tree, loving that quiet Demi-God lifestyle. It’s our sworn duty as the players of Bethlehem to make sure his vacation is short lived!

1. Maui will respawn every 30 minutes, you can teleport directly to him via the ::maui command
2. Maui drops the all new “Tropical Box” which contains 9 new items which includes an all new BIS upgrade chance “Lifeguard” set which consists of 6 pieces, 2 halves to a new fishing rod & of course “Maui’s Fish Hook”!
3. Maui also has a small chance of dropping his Fish Hook directly upon being killed
4. Maui’s Fish Hook has a nifty little surprise that I’m going to leave as just that. My only hint is after you acquire one, try operating it whilst it’s equipped 😉

Lifeguard Set
This is the newest, the coolest and the hottest addition to the Summer attire we have here on Bethlehem!

1. As mentioned this awesome new set consists of 6 pieces - Helm, Body, Legs, Hands, Sandals & Weapon.
2. Each piece includes the new BIS upgrade chance for its slot at 6% for the equipment & a whopping 12% for the weapon!
3. This set is only obtainable through the new “Tropical Box” as an Ultra Rare reward


All New AFK Fishing
As you already know from the above, within the Tropical Box there are two halves that when combined together via ::invention along with some other materials make the new “Bethlehem Fishing Rod”. This new fishing rod is the only way to be able to use this new fishing spot, which will give all new rewards COMPLETELY AFK!

1. Three new “Golden Fishing Spot”(s) have been added to the South-Western corner of ::AFK
2. These fishing spots will give you the all new “Golden Fishing Chest” which will accumulate over time at a rough pace of 9-12 Chests per hour
3. While this is the same spot as the AFK Tree, these are two different activities and you are permitted to have one account on the tree as well as one account on the fishing spot.
4. The new Golden Fishing Chest includes various rewards ranging from Clue Scrolls > Arcade Tokens & also contains Maui’s Fish Hook.


New Home Map!
We have decided it’s finally time to move on from the Varrock Era, and have banded together to create an ALL NEW Home!

We would like to ask all players to try out this new map by doing ::newhome and giving the staff team as much feedback as you can on it before we launch it officially as the default home for everyone in ONE MONTH!

1. Fixed the Elite Void Requirement for Final Fantasy through the teleport interface
2. Removed all announcements from monsters/bosses
3. Shooting Star locations have been adjusted
4. Evil Tree locations have been adjusted
5. Sora’s Keyblade will now correctly count in the collection log when opening Kingdom Hearts Chest
6. Player Crates will no longer spam the server with $1 scrolls
7. Added ::fillexp | ::filldr commands for filling the well for EXP or Drop Rate (Same as ::fill for Wyrm)
8. Added new global boss & boxes to the collection log 


Update July 27th, 2022

Cloud Upgrades:
As promised we are releasing the upgraded versions of the Cloud Set through ::upgrade.
1. The first of two sets has an increase in stats making them 55K per piece, totalling at 275K for the set. Each piece requires 1,000 Titan Fragments to upgrade and is a 100% chance.


2. The second and final set has its stats increased to 80K per piece, totalling at 400K for the set as well as a new 2.7x damage multiplier, and an extra 10DR! Each piece requires 200 Elite Titan Fragments as well as each piece requiring its Elite Void equivalent and is a 100% chance.
Cloud’s Head (i) - Elite Void Melee Helm, Elite Void Ranger Helm, Elite Void Mage Helm
Cloud’s Body (i) - Elite Void Knight Top
Cloud’s Pants (i) - Elite Void Knight Robe
Cloud’s Gloves (i) - Elite Void Gloves
Cloud’s Boots (i) - Elite Void Boots (NEW!)


3. Elite Void Boots can be purchased for 2000 commendations from Pest Control and require no upgrade to use. These are purely cosmetic and serve no purpose other than upgrading Cloud Boots; they are NOT required to gain the void effect nor will they count as a required piece for the boost.

4. The previous requirement we added where the player needed to have Elite Void equipped to enter the Final Fantasy Raid has been changed to allow the player to do this after “unlocking” the full Elite Void set. To do this all you need to do is equip any of the three helmets along with the top, bottom & gloves (yes you need all four pieces for this to unlock). After doing so, you can freely continue raiding in your BIS gear!


Raids are now 30s to start (before 50s)