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This May 17th will be our 5th Year Anniversary. We are releasing a whole set of updates for this special and monumental occasion. 

Weapon Battle Pass (Anniversary):
1) This is a completely F2P feature, which you can access by killing King Harry (::anniversary)
2) The Weapon Battle Pass has a 1 in 50 drop chance from King Harry which you can use on any Weapon including customs
3) The current Battle Pass has 15 Tiers and unlocks +0.2x Damage per Tier for a total of 3x Damage Multiplier, and unlocks 10DR/DDR per Tier starting from Tier 5 to 15 for a total of 100DR/DDR.
4) We will be releasing Tier 15-30 in the Summer Time
5) You can level up your weapon by killing NPC's in the game, or you can also choose to buy the Weapon Pass Skip Scroll through our Donation Store
6) You can move progress between Weapons with a 30% penalty

Statue of Champions (Anniversary):
1) Click the Statue of Champion to trigger all of the following at the same time: Bong (i), SSM (i), Infinite Wrathful, God Scroll Perm, Twirl Swirly (i), 3 Seasonals (Gingerbread House, Golden Clover, Golden Egg (Full))
2) As long as ANY of those items are in your inventory/toolbelt they will be activated. (Since the three Seasonals cannot overlap, you can right-click the Statue of Champion to set which one you want as default)
3) The Statue of Champion (i) will also check your bank. In which case, you can leave your items in your bank. It also boosts all timers to 30 Minutes. 
4) Statue of Champion can be upgraded at the Upgrade Machine using 10 Scavenger Tickets, and a 100 x $1 Scroll. 
5) The Statue of Champions is obtainable from the Anniversary Chest. 

Revanent Caves (Anniversary):
1) We released the Glove Slot in the Revanent Caves for this Anniversary
2) Use any Anniversary Mask (ii) to unlock

Royal Ring and Royal Necklace have been added to the Anniversary Chest
Valerian Ring (I) is combined using Royal Ring (I) and Valerian Ring, and gives 60DR/DDR and gives 2.5x Magic Multiplier

We will be releasing an update for May 4th as well this year:
1) From May 1st to May 16th, you will be able to get 4x Key Drops at Starwars, may the 4th be with you. 
2) We added a Mace Windu Light Saber to the StarWars Chest that has a Special Attack, granting a 2x Damage Multiplier for 10 Minutes

Mage Revamp:
1) Pokescepter base damage has been doubled
2) Pokescepter AOE is 11 x 11 and Arcane Crystal Staff is 9 x 9
3) Royal Ring (i) and Valerian Ring give a 2x Magic Damage Multiplier

Scavenger Shop, Tickets, and Hard Mode are now released:
1) Complete a Hard Task to receive a Scavenger Ticket to use in the Scavenger Shop
2) VIP6 and Joker only require ANY drop instead of a specific piece
3) Zulrah has been moved to Hard Mode

Scavenger Shop:
1) Scavenger Set: Reduces the amount of drops required from 2 to 1 (5 Pieces, each piece costs 10 Scavenger Tickets) Note: You only need to wear it once to activate the set effect permanently
2) Scavenger Emblem: Gurantees a Double Drop for the item being Hunted (30 Scavenger Tickets)
3) Scavenger Potion: Can only drink once, boosts DR by 100 (30 Scavenger Tickets)
4) Scavenger Pet: +1 Scavenger Tasks per Day (60 Scavenger Tickets)

1) Added ::toolbeltscrolls to see which scrolls are unlocked 
2) Fixed timers not coming back up after relogging
3) Stats no longer get reset when timers other than God Mode run out
4) Players can no longer get the same item for Scavenger on the same hunt
5) WildyWyrm Chest now counts the items once instead of twice


Update March 28

Easter 2024:
1) The Easter Global Boss (::Easter) will be coming back for the next 30 days along with the Egg Hunt from last year (::hint/::egg)
2) This year, we added ingredients in the Egg Hunt to make the Golden Egg, similar to the Golden Clover and Gingerbread House

Seasonals Quest Items:
1) Seasonal Quest Items will allow Titan's to drop the respective Seasonal Box all year round
2) This update, we decided to add an additional 2% Box Opening Chance to the Golden Egg, Golden Clover, and Gingerbread House 
3) This update, we decided to add a 10% discount for the respective Seasonal box at the VIP Seasonal Zone (Easter Boxes cost 9000 Seasonal Ores instead of 10000 if you have the Golden Egg in your inventory)
4) Current Items: The Golden Clover (St.Patty's), Gingerbread House (Christmas), Golden Egg (Easter)
5) Future Items: One for Halloween, One for Anniversary, One for Thanksgiving 
6) These 6 items will amount to an additional 12% Box Opening Chance. Collect all 6 for +15% box opening chance, and a 15% discount on all boxes in the VIP Seasonal Zone.

Scavenger Hunt:
1) Easy Mode: You will be asked to obtain two specific drops from Bosses (example: Nulgath Top and Dank Helmet). Obtain the drops to get an additional 10Q cash as bounty. 
2) Medium Mode: You will be asked to obtain two specific drops from Titans/Minigames. Obtain these drops to get a Seasonal Box (whichever is running at the time)
3) Hard Mode: You will be asked to obtain a specific drop from Elite Titans. Obtain the drop to get a Scavenger Ticket. Tickets can be used to buy the Scavenger Set (Reduces the amount of drops required from 2 to 1), Scavenger Emblem (Increases DR by 100 when farming for that task), and more.
5) No need to turn in drops for reward
6) Can reset task but will be given a lower tier task (cannot reset an Easy Task)
7) 1 Task Daily for each difficulty. 2 Tasks Daily for Divine. 
😎 Hard Mode releasing with 420 update
Disclaimer: Due to the difficulty of obtaining accurate data on how easy/difficult it is to complete these tasks, the awards may change within the first couple week.

Revanent Cave (Easter):
1) Wear an Easter Basket or have a Golden Egg to unlock the Boots Slot for the Gear Enhancement System

1) Bonecrusher Text has been fixed when checking tasks completed
2) Lep Set (i) and Lucky Hat (ii) can no longer be equipped together
3) Master Lvl showing wrong model for Female
4) Ironman EXP scoreboard is now fixed
5) Fixed Construction Black Screen when teleporting in
6) Groudon Instance (i) material fixed
7) Twirly Swirly Effect no longer resets on login
😎 Disabled Portal in Pinata
9) Players can no longer misclick Herblore teleport when entering Bank Pin
10) Toxic Halberd Speed and Damage
11) Reset players saved DropRate from scoreboard from the Leprechaun glitch
12) Player panel quests & End soul buff buttons now work correctly

1) Thank you Sixis for sponsoring a Custom Zone, hugely appreciated. Ask him for an invite to check it out.