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Duo Slayer Released! Phoenix Mount and Divine Rank Released!

LIMITED TIME: Free Donator Rank

Claim a FREE Donator Rank when you click PLAY NOW and log in for the first time! ::SUMMER Event is currently running, and drops Summer Boxes! $350 Giveaway this week for New Players.


WildyWyrm Chest OPEN ALL!!

The long awaited and heavily requested feature is here to tie in with our latest Wyrm craze. Just simply right click the chest at ::home and click the “Open All” button. This will go through your keys in the flash of an eye instead of the old one by one opening which seems to be a longer grind than collecting the keys themselves. Of course players can still use the old method if they so please.

Once your inventory is full, all loot from the remaining keys you have on you will be automatically deposited into your bank to save you even more time!

GoodieBag Boxes

Another great heavily requested feature is finally here, GoodieBags!

Just like the current Owners GoodieBag box, players will be able to receive these new GoodieBags from admins when running ::deals just like we normally would but you now have full control over the outcome in a timely fashion, no pressure or added stress or freaking out about potential “background shenanigans”, ball is completely in your court!

There are 33 GoodieBags to choose from ranging from $15+ > $125+ so make sure to follow up with the Wiki once the lads pump that out in a couple of days.

QOL & Bug Fixes

CTRL+B Can no longer be used to open your bank if another interface is open
Corrected spelling mistake on F2P VIP 4 drops announcing VIP 1
Fixed Ancient WildyWyrm giving extra keys even if you weren’t participating in the kill
Players can now use a ::checkvip command to see where they’re at for the season
Admins will now be correctly notified on succession for the ::unban command
Added a fun little command for @Kostask to use to afk check multiple players during events
Fixed 2K20 box not working with a Box Guarantee Scroll
Removed dialogue popup from Mithril Seeds (players can no longer pick up their plants)
WildyWyrm Chest collection log now correctly reflects the correct items
Nulgath, KBD Warrior & Dank Monster have had their respawn timers reduced from 25 seconds > 3 seconds so players no longer need to spam their respective teleport commands for quick kills
Increased the melee range from 1 tile > 3 tiles to avoid collision issues and players not being able to attack (Halberds melee range has been increased from 2 tiles > 6 tiles!)
Mount damage has been corrected since the gear enhancement update
WildyWyrm HP has been doubled to account for how much damage is in the game now for group activities


Update 22nd July 2023

Just a smallish update for you all today, hope everyone’s having a great summer ❤️

Ancient WildyWyrm Pet

This new pet is obtainable through killing the WildyWyrm directly and is considered to be a legendary drop.

While this pet is summoned you will gain the following;
50DR/DDR whilst within the GWD
5% boost at boosting your chances at getting loot from the WildyWyrm Chest
+2 bonus WildyWyrm keys on every WildyWyrm kill

New Trivia Questions and Rewards

I have gone through and done a complete revamp of the trivia questions and rewards to make it both more challenging and rewarding!

In-Game Donation Store Revamp

We also decided as a team that it was time to revamp the rewards you can spend your in game Donation Points on, both of these new shops can be seen in ⁠sneak-peeks 

QOL / Bug Fixes

Skiadrum is no longer an AOE area
Fixed a spelling mistake for bloodlust levels saying /100 instead of /200
Added more boxes accepted by the the Guarantee Box Scroll
Animal box now correctly gives all the items that it should
Golden Axe invention now correctly shows 1x Primal Maul
Removed all junk drops from Thermy
Increased the rate Thermy drops Ironman Keys
Added a small chance for Thermy to drop 10x Keys
Increased the rate players can receive Cloud items from Final Fantasy Raids
Fixed Ice Jewels not correctly giving a DR bonus when killing Glacors
Dungeoneering Tokens will now save correctly when logging out
@Kostask login message now correctly states Co-Owner
Drax the Destroyer will no longer hit players that are in Final Fantasy Raids
Fixed the sprites on the gear enhancement interface (blessing, wings, jewels)
Removed junk drops from Skotizo
Added more spawns to multiple bosses including the most requested Skotizo 😄