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Update March 28

Easter 2024:
1) The Easter Global Boss (::Easter) will be coming back for the next 30 days along with the Egg Hunt from last year (::hint/::egg)
2) This year, we added ingredients in the Egg Hunt to make the Golden Egg, similar to the Golden Clover and Gingerbread House

Seasonals Quest Items:
1) Seasonal Quest Items will allow Titan's to drop the respective Seasonal Box all year round
2) This update, we decided to add an additional 2% Box Opening Chance to the Golden Egg, Golden Clover, and Gingerbread House 
3) This update, we decided to add a 10% discount for the respective Seasonal box at the VIP Seasonal Zone (Easter Boxes cost 9000 Seasonal Ores instead of 10000 if you have the Golden Egg in your inventory)
4) Current Items: The Golden Clover (St.Patty's), Gingerbread House (Christmas), Golden Egg (Easter)
5) Future Items: One for Halloween, One for Anniversary, One for Thanksgiving 
6) These 6 items will amount to an additional 12% Box Opening Chance. Collect all 6 for +15% box opening chance, and a 15% discount on all boxes in the VIP Seasonal Zone.

Scavenger Hunt:
1) Easy Mode: You will be asked to obtain two specific drops from Bosses (example: Nulgath Top and Dank Helmet). Obtain the drops to get an additional 10Q cash as bounty. 
2) Medium Mode: You will be asked to obtain two specific drops from Titans/Minigames. Obtain these drops to get a Seasonal Box (whichever is running at the time)
3) Hard Mode: You will be asked to obtain a specific drop from Elite Titans. Obtain the drop to get a Scavenger Ticket. Tickets can be used to buy the Scavenger Set (Reduces the amount of drops required from 2 to 1), Scavenger Emblem (Increases DR by 100 when farming for that task), and more.
5) No need to turn in drops for reward
6) Can reset task but will be given a lower tier task (cannot reset an Easy Task)
7) 1 Task Daily for each difficulty. 2 Tasks Daily for Divine. 
😎 Hard Mode releasing with 420 update
Disclaimer: Due to the difficulty of obtaining accurate data on how easy/difficult it is to complete these tasks, the awards may change within the first couple week.

Revanent Cave (Easter):
1) Wear an Easter Basket or have a Golden Egg to unlock the Boots Slot for the Gear Enhancement System

1) Bonecrusher Text has been fixed when checking tasks completed
2) Lep Set (i) and Lucky Hat (ii) can no longer be equipped together
3) Master Lvl showing wrong model for Female
4) Ironman EXP scoreboard is now fixed
5) Fixed Construction Black Screen when teleporting in
6) Groudon Instance (i) material fixed
7) Twirly Swirly Effect no longer resets on login
😎 Disabled Portal in Pinata
9) Players can no longer misclick Herblore teleport when entering Bank Pin
10) Toxic Halberd Speed and Damage
11) Reset players saved DropRate from scoreboard from the Leprechaun glitch
12) Player panel quests & End soul buff buttons now work correctly

1) Thank you Sixis for sponsoring a Custom Zone, hugely appreciated. Ask him for an invite to check it out.


Update February 28:

2K24 is here! Henceforth, we'll be impleneting the following changes to Pinata and Deoyxs:
1) Pinata (our vote boss) will now drop a Quad Box guaranteed for all participants, as well as a 1/10 chance for a random 2K series box (2K20, 2K21, 2K22, 2K23), Teleport is ::pinata
2) Deoxys will drop the most current 2K box (2K24) (Teleport has changed to ::2K24)

2K24 Box Contains the following:
1) Legendary Drop: Custom Weapon Base Upgrade Scrolls (Masamune, Ice Dragon Halberd, Pokescepter, Toxic Halberd, Omni-Scythe), use these with your weapons to turn your weapons into a Custom (includes a Free Rename and Recolor). These Scrolls are tradeable.
2) Ultra Rare: Battle Pass Season 5, and ToolBelt Scrolls (more info below)
3) Rare: 50 Custom Tokens
4) Common: 5 x $1 Scrolls

Battle Pass Season 5 Contains $400 in loot, 200 Halloween Shards, and 200Q Cash. We will not be giving away this BP in any fashion this year.

Tool Belt Scrolls:
1) Consume a toolbelt scroll to unlock the option to add the item to your toolbelt, the item retains all its effects while in the toolbelt, freeing up an equipment slot. 
2) The current scrolls available are: Icy Salve, Top Donator Aura, Divine Aura, Weed Chain, Weed Cape, Easter Bascket
3) Top Donator Aura (i) will work once you consumed the scroll for Top Donator Aura and Divine Aura (Wiki Aura will also work when these 2 scrolls are consumed)
4) These scrolls are tradeable
5) We made sure that you can take the item out of your toolbelt and still equip it if you wish (It however does not stack - you can't have an Icy Salve equipped and an Icy Salve in Toolbelt)

Drop Rate Scoreboard at Home:
Top 10 get an additional +3% Crit Chance

Max Damage Scoreboard at Home:
Top 10 get an additional +30DR/DDR

We will extend the previous Custom Token Contest until end of March (First Place in Each Scoreboard Category gets 1000 Tokens, Second Place gets 500, Third gets 300, Fourth gets 250, Fifth gets 200) 
Suggestions Implemented:
1) Super Saiyan Mode (i): Invent with Saiyan Set and Saiyan mode. Gives +20DR/DDR and +20% Damage
2) Diglett and Electric now have 7M Health (a balance between being too hard and dying too fast)
3) All Global Drops now have a killcount announced with it (Joe has just received a sasuke legs on killcount 15234)
4) VIP5 Infernal Guardian now has automatic rotation as its drop (Dec/Jan/Feb: Christmas Box, March: St.Pat Box, April: 420 Box, May: Easter Box, June: Anniversary Chest, July/Aug/Sep: 10 x Summer Boxes, Oct/Nov: Halloween Box)
5) We've also fixed the Flame Fragments that are dropped by the Infernal Guardian (for those who don't know about this item, collect 10 to receive 25% off your next FnF donation, tradeable)

To address the need for more Money Making Methods:
1) Early/Mid game - We've made Thieving 2-3Q per hour actively for Sponsor+ (We've added anti-afk checks, and we will be extremely strict about this)
2) End Game - We've added the VIP6 Armour Drops to the Ogre Store at 100Q per item
3) All Players: Quad Boxes have been added to Loyalty Shop for 6000 points each (approximately 6 hours of being online)
4) We've added noted version of Third - Age for easier selling to Ogre Store (We're working on a system to sell Ogre Store items in a more efficient manner)
5) Other Ogre Store Additions:
Arcane Wood Frags - 100B
Gros/Bros Gloves and Boots 400K

Wyrm Chest Changes:
Wyrm Chest used to be 2Q per spawn when it first came out, we've decided to revert the price back to 2Q
We've replaced the Amaterasu Scroll/Battle Pass with Prosperity Scrolls

Revanent Caves have been opened for the Shield Slot, requiring either Leprechaun Set or Twirly Swirly to enter. Leprechaun Set and Pet will be getting a boost on next update to make them truly BIS on Weekends.
Server - Wide Bonuses (Thank you once again for the amazing support, these bonuses have been added until March 29, 2024):
x2 AFK Tree Cash Rates (not arcane wood etc)

Magic Balancing (We will try to balance out Magic Damage at End-Game slowly, these are the steps we have taken):
1) 2x Magic Multiplier added to Exec, Divine, and Divine Hades Capes
2) Necromancer now gives 2.0x Magic Multipliers instead of 1.85x
3) We will be adding Spirit Shields and Mage Off-Hands in the upcoming updates

Bug Fixes:
1) Mage AOE should now do 1/2 of your main hit properly
2) ::togglegfx should now remove graphics properly (::naked also works)
3) Anniversary Box now says amulet when you receive an amulet
4) Dungeoneering should no longer have an overpowered Frost Dragon
5) Lowered maxhit requirement for Nex to 700 from 900
6) Wilderness Resource Area added to Minigames teleport
7) Fixed damage bouncing up and down for Permanent God Scroll

Custom Smoke Particles:
1) For Customs that have achieved Max Damage, Max Crit Chance, or Max DR, they will get a free flowing smoke particle added to their Custom (Red for Damage, Blue for Crit, and Gold for DR). (NOTE: This is a new addition, if you have already received a free texture trim, this does not apply; however you still qualify for the free particle of choice below)
2) For Customs that have Maxed out two categories, they can choose to have both smoke colors, or to keep either or.
3) For Customs that have Maxed out in all categories, they will get a smoke color of their choice (This will replace all smoke particles from before, but will not affect textures)

Thank You to Panic for maxing out his Main-Hand in all categories
Thank You to Sixis for maxing out the DR on his Offhand