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New Elite Titans! Phoenix Mount and Divine Rank Released!

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Thank you for everyone's patience as we sorted out the new player progression. Next update will be end game focused.

New Player Suggestions:
New Easy Achievement "Monster Slayer", complete all monster log for 5Q Cash
New Easy Achievement "Boss Slayer", complete all boss log for 20Q Cash
Upgrade Scrolls have now gone into the Ogre store for 200K (Please put in suggestions if other items are hard to sell)

Pokemon Items are now all tradeable for the exception of Pokeball scepter
Berserker Blessing added to Donation Points Store along with Seasonal Scythes
Gnome Scarf added back to Trivia Shop
Zulrah Miniguns have all been boosted to match Ice Dragon Hammers, but slightly weaker to account for Range Distance (refer to ::Gear)
Zulrah Passes have been added to the Consumable lady for 100K Bil Tickets each, 1 Ticket allows for 1 Kill. Zulrah Minigun is 1/30 Roll, all mutagens and pets are still the same droprate
Fixed VIP1 Drop Rates, and added rolls to every stage
Melee and Range Void Helms no longer give multipliers but are used for upgrades into better armour. Mage Void now does much more damage. If you wish to go Melee path, can go for Cloud in Final Fantasy Raid. (1/15 Drop Rate, and drops in sequence)
Moved Gros and Bros to Bosses Collection Log, Nex to Monster Collection Log
Energy Zone now only requires level 1 runecrafting
Starwars Chest at home, Starwars Key teleports to Chest
VIP1 and VIP2 damage are hardcapped at 50K to give new players a chance
Easy and Mid Dailys have $1 Scrolls added back to them ontop of Custom Tokens
Fixed Drax having way too much HP in Marvel Raids
Raids should now tell you the rate of drops
VIP1 and 2 Bosses can now be respawned by @Staff using the command (::respawn VIP1 ::respawn VIP2)
Stat Changes (Please refer to ::Gear, wiki team should be good to start changes as well) :
Seasonal Scythe (i) should now have 200K stats, and all Seasonal Scythes are now 1-Handed (All Weapons are one-handed unless specified on ::Gear)
Boosted Stats of Maxed out Blood-Talis Offhand to 200K to match Halloween Lantern Offhand (Now requires OH to upgrade)
Buster is now back to 999K (2H)
Dragon Glass Bow now has 200K Stats

Bug Fixes:
Collector's gives only 1000 bonus in Game of Thrones
Weed Farmer Missing Achievements
VIP Bows now work with Lucky Auras
Grinch/Anniversary Mask/Divine rank now working on St.Patrick's Box
Mac's can now open URLs again (if you're having trouble still, message me)

New Customs:
Kyara's third leg
Kenpachi Amethyst Nichirin Blade

Old Custom Reworks:
Panic attack
Sixis Blade and Sixis Blade OH

Bug Fixes Part 2:
Ken's and Sixis Customs should be good, download new client
Diglett and Vorago health are now 2M
Treasure Island is fixed locally, hopefully it will also be fixed when pushed to live server
Any shard weapon will check off the DMC combination for achievements
Bosses will be back onto the old system.  Bosses - Ultra, Gros and Bros will be given a roll. These don't take into account your DR. The suggestion I made in TopDog is for NEW monsters, not Old ones. How would it make sense if your DR is in the hundreds, and the roll is only in the 30s. The flat rate is so that new players have a chance at Nulgath, KBD warriors, etc, without older players completely flooding the eco with those items if we flat out lowered the drop rates.
Double drops fixed with Gros and Bros
Evo stone tradeable
Moved Boss Slayer to Mid Achievements
Miniguns to inventory instead of bank, UIM can withdraw from bank, but can't store
Evoid is now better than Shadowlord for mage boosts. (Evoid Mage damage is 5 times better than it was before. We removed Melee and Range from Evoid and boosted every other melee and range armor, to balance the three classes out. If you have evoid melee/range and was using it actively, pm me)


Update 18th December 2023

Christmas Event

To keep up with this year's traditions, we have decided to go with a Christmas edition scoreboard! Players can type ::claimcracker to claim their “Warped Christmas Cracker”, and while you have this special cracker in your inventory you will have a chance to receive a “Warped Gingerbread Man” upon killing any NPC in Bethlehem which they can then use the “Fill” option on to level up their Warped Christmas Cracker. Once your cracker reaches level 99, the next time it is filled it will give you some juicy Christmas rewards including the Grinch set (The set will given IN ORDER, so you are guaranteed to get the full set if you keep at it, if you don’t receive the full set by the end of the event, you can buy the rest of the pieces at a discounted price via an admin), 5-20 FREE Christmas Boxes, and 5-20 of our brand new “Custom $1 Token” which I will elaborate on in a moment. We have also upped the ante to get more players involved in this scoreboard event! There are now 5 TOP prizes instead of 3, with a total of over $1000 in store credit being given out.

We have also released our previous Christmas events including our epic Christmas Quest which you can start by talking to Santa at home! If you have already completed the quest last year, you are free to continue your gingerbread point farm immediately. A brief reminder as to what the Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread House will do is that while the buff is active, players will have a small chance to receive a Christmas box while killing titans all year round! (This also includes Mini Titans & Elite Titans).

And we can’t forget the OG Christmas tree hunting! Players can use ::hint to get information on where the current Christmas tree is to claim rewards. Remember, one reward per player per 30 mins!
Custom $1 Tokens

Custom $1 Tokens are an all new exciting currency that we plan on slowly releasing into the game that will have an extremely important use around new years update. I won’t give away too many spoilers, but these tokens can be redeemed (not yet, after the full release) via an Admin+ to secure various custom content for yourself to enjoy such as; Stat & Perk additions to new upcoming custom weapons, armour, pets etc.. as well as a scroll to grant players access to their very own private dungeon where they can automatically add various NPC’s from Bethlehem to spawn within their instanced dungeon to kill for their current loot tables as well as some new exciting tertiary tables and superior foes to fight!

Weapon Enhancement Slot

We have unlocked the Weapon Slot for gear enhancement in the Rev caves! Players must equip a full set of either Grinch, Elf or Grinchy Elf to unlock this season's access to the caves. As per normal, this slot can be levelled up to a maximum of 5 for a grand total of 10% DMG, 10DR/DDR & a 1.5% Crit Chance!

This can also be levelled up instantly with our Master Totem Scroll, go and check out our online store to get yours now!

QOL / Bug Fixes
The 2K23 Turkey event has now ended
The 2K23 Halloween event has now ended (The pet can still be summoned for cosmetic only)
Grinch / Elf / Grinchy Elf no longer require their helmet equivalent to work (Yes, you read that correctly. You may now stack your Grinch effect with your Anniversary Mask effect!!)
VIP 3 & 4 Hellhounds now have a cap of 100 kills per day as originally intended
The chat blocker has been disabled as per suggestion #1218