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Duo Slayer Released! Phoenix Mount and Divine Rank Released!

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  • Update - April 5th!


Update April 5th:

Easter Event is Back!
-Checkout Full Details Here:

NEW Easter Basket for 2021!  image.png.2ade7ebb390f460470f4ac22cb269f99.png
- Fill the basket with the 4 Easter Eggs to teleport to a field of bunnies that drop Easter Boxes at anytime!
- Hop Emote 

Upgrade your Easter Ring to a Valerian Ring!  image.png.035c274fdd21735ba043ab253832892c.png
-Best-in-Slot Ring! (+40DR/DDR) 
-Only Ring Slot allowed in Game of Thrones 2 and 3
-Use ::invent to combine

Valerian Steel Bars and Lava Forge  image.png.3d24305600c6c73aef5e0da46bc9ff71.png
-Smith at the Lava Forge in Wilderness Resource Area
-Right click on the Forge to upgrade Dragon Slayer (i) 
-Requires Icy Maul of Omens to Smelt and Smith (Bars are Tradeable)

Cosmetic Store:
- Grab a Pair of Beats Headphones at the Cosmetic Store at Thessalia!

NPC Classification:
- Graador and Zilyana are now classified as Humanoid (Life Jewel)
- K'ril is classified as Inferno (Inferno Jewel)
- Khal is classified under Inferno and Humanoid

Bugs and Suggestions:
- Dragon Glass no longer drops from Tzharr
- Eternal Dragon Pet and Madara Pet now works properly with Locked Stats
- Madara Pet and Eternal Companion added to Drop Announcement
- Duo-Slayer Fixed
-Veteran Prayer Drain and Tab Reply

St. Patrick's Global Boss has been removed. The box will stay in the store for 2 more days until April 7. Please message an admin during these 2 days to trade in peices for a Twirly Swirly.

Thank you @5x for his Fiver Blade Custom Dono. Feel free to PM me for Custom Inquiries.

 Small Follow Up Update:
1. It takes approximately 10 Kills of Eternal Dragon + 10 Kills of Khal America to get the materials required for 1 x Valerian Steel Bar
2. 100 Bars Required for Valerian Steel Ring (Gives +40DR/DDR everywhere including GoT)
3. 35 Bars required for the entire set of Dragon Slayer (i) 
4. Dragon Slayer (i) now gives +25DR per set, giving one extra roll!
5. Just a reminder: Icy Maul of Omens are tradeable.(edited)

  • Update - March 30!


Update March 30:

Lucky Glass and Twirly Swirly: image.png.15e3ec2a665b486f5777ae43b73b28b2.png

1. Limited Edition St.Patrick's Cup

2. Fill the Lucky Glass with a DR Potion to create a Twirly Swirly (Gives +20DR/DDR for 30 Minutes)

3. Can be worn as a cosmetic to do the Drunken Steps (Lucky Glass will not dissapear after Twirly Swirly is consumed)

4. Costs 10 St. Patrick Points (Pet = 2 points, Any Leprechaun Piece = 1 Point) - Talk to an @Administrator to trade in. St. Patrick Fix: 1. Hat now gives +40DR/DDR, truly Best-in-Slot on Weekends!

Game of Thrones 3:

1. Fire Dragon - Eternal Companion (Gives +10DR/DDR when compared to all other companions, making it +60DR/DDR when maxed) BIS

2. Fire Jewel

3. Fire Stone (Will be used with Dragon Glass to create Valerian Steel Bars next update)

Quality of Life:

1. To protect new Players, Zirconis will only allow Omni Staff AOE.

2. Madara Pet (+50DR for Undead NPCS)                                 image.png.7bc4f246263106873bfe2e5ee74e7042.png

3. Madara Pet (i) (+100 DR for Undead NPCS) ::Invent

5. Use ::setgoldendice (1-14) to change between instances for Golden Dice

Bugs and Suggestions:

1. The command ::rules now works

2. 1 x 2K20 Boxes is now claimable for Execs on the First day of the Month

3. 2 x 2K20 Boxes are now claimable for Divine Donators on the first day of the month

4. Can't Duo Slayer Yourself

5. Sulfer Removed for Essence Mining


1. Youtube Set (Same Effect as Void Mage and increases the speed of Mage Spells)image.png.6875d30d4b50ca8b26522fb17df4d0c1.png

2. Youtuber Set (i) (Keeps the effects of Youtuber Set when used over Lock, Magic Multiplier Stacks)
3. Cosmetic Shop UPDATE

This Weekend:

🥚EASTER UPDATE!🥚 St.Patrick's Box and Event will be removed this Sunday