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June 1st - Summer Update
Six Packs and Bikinis! Phoenix Mount and Divine Released!

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  • Update - November 27

Update November 27!

Black Friday Sale and Limited Items Coming Back!
1. Unlike other servers Bethlehem items don't go on sale except during this once a year occasion.
2. Today we're putting most items on 20% OFF:
3. We're also bringing back seasonal and limited items for the next 4 days until the end of Cyber Monday

Duo Slayer Fully Released:
1. Mihail now assigns tasks specifically for Duo Teams such as Cerberus, Blood Wolf, Gokus, etc (Requires 60+ Slayer)
2. On top of regular slayer points, you and your partner will get 10 Duo-Slayer Points that can be used at Mihail's Store for completing a task
3. Use Slayer Gem to reset tasks from Mihail

Duo Slayer Shop (Mihail):

1. We have added Arcade Tokens, Companion Boxes, Devil May Cry Shards, Dark Lord's Bow and also a Gold Spirit Shield specifically for Duo-Slayer
2. Gold Spirit Shield is used to combine a Golden Bonecrusher, meant to give you extra DR during Slayer Tasks.
3. Arcade Tokens is one of the last items in Bethlehem that is unobtainable in game. we've decided to add it in here.


Golden Bonecrusher:
1. Just like the Top Tier Slayer Helm, it gives extra 10 DR during Slayer Tasks. However, it doesn't limit your head gear, as it is an inventory item.
2. As long it is in your inventory, you will get the extra DR during a task, and the bones will be buried as well.
3. Type ::invent to find the ingredients necessary to combine it.

Arcane Crystal Staff Boost:
1. In order to make the staff truly Best-in-Slot, we've upped the Speed of the weapon to be on par with a Melee weapon.
2. We have also added +15DR/DDR to the weapon.

Suggestions and Bug Fixes:
  1. Drop Rate Potions are now stackable with Vote Scrolls, making them actually useful. You get them through the Executive rank Scroll Shop.unknown.png
2. God Scrolls no longer stacks twice with Locked Stats.

  • Update - November 18 & 21

Update - November 18, 2020

Slots are Released!
1. The Slot Machine at ::Gamble is finally released!
2. The Slot Machine is designed to have a 1.5% house edge, here's how to play:


Cherry - x2
Bar - x5
DoubleBar - x25
TripleBar - x40
SEVEN - x80

Double Cherry - x5
Triple Cherry - x10
Triple Bar - x500
Triple DoubleBar - x1000
Triple TripleBar - x3000
Triple SEVEN - x10000

Raid Bonus:
1. Sora Set gives 25% extra Drop Chance at Raids (Obtainable through Treasure Island and our Donation Store)
2. KeyBlade gives an extra 10% extra Drop Chance at Raids (Obtainable through Treasure Island and our Donation Store)
3. Joker Set gives 15% extra Drop Chance at Raids, and is stackable with Sora Set using Locked Stats (Obtainable through Bobo's Zone, will be accessible again like before later this week)
4. All sets stack with Raids Friday 

1. We have added a Wiki Link to the top of the Client and a ::wiki command
2. The Wiki is a group effort, and is mostly complete, if you have any suggestions please let @Pupplayuk know

1. Icy Salve Amulet due to popular request is now Tradeable.
2. Sponsor Sakura being a Sponsor item is no longer Tradeable.
3. Arcane Scratch Cards can only be used at home in order to prevent disruption from combat.

Bug Fixes:
1. We've added Arcane Crystal Staff back to ::invent
2. Sasuke's Electric Katana (i) should no longer have a graphic bug
3. Ironman can no longer transfer to Normal Accounts using Pack Yak or any Beast of Burden

Halloween is Past and Optimus is Back!
1. We will be adding new items to the Player's Crate this week.
2. Halloween Boxes will be in the Donation Store for one last day.
3. Player Crates are back in the Donation Store.

Next update is the second one in a series of updates for the end of November, with more to come!

Duo Slayer Released!
1. Duo Slayer is here with the known dupes patched and a new Interface (::duoslayer)
2. Both you and your partner's kills will count towards your task
3. We will be releasing Mihail (Duo Slayer Master) in the next few days that will give special tasks that can only be completed in a Duo Slayer team
4. These tasks will include minigame and raid npcs, and give duo slayer points which can be used in a new shop (items will be discussed in our staff meeting today, reach out to staff to give suggestions)

Global Bosses now give Bil Tickets:
1. Optimus, Pinata, and all Seasonal Bosses now give anywhere from 30k-60K Bil Tickets for all players
2. All Titans including Shadowlord now give 3-10K Bil Tickets to the top damaging 6 players (not supported for zones and instances, meant for Group Bossing)

New Player Quality of Life:
1. Boss Keys are more Common at Zirconis
2. Clicking on Boss Keys takes you directly to the Chest 
3. Artillery Boxes are more common at Bethlehem Artilleries
4. Lowered Monster Fragment Requirements for upgrading all the way to Assimov
5. Made Duel-Berettas upgradeable into AK-47

Mid Game QOL:
1. Took out the Upgrade option for Assimov -> Blood Sniper and Blood Sniper -> Minigun. 
2. Made Blood Sniper and Infernal Minigun Inventable in the Invention system, at a rate lower than the previous Upgrade Option

Drippy Zone:
1. Drip is now the third player along with Bobodod and Hsmitty to have their own Custom Zone
2. Ask for an invite from Drip to check out the zone
3. Message me if you're thinking about getting your own Custom Zone

Small Fixes:
1. Combat Interface added to Rifles and Berettas
2. Halloween Boxes are now out of the store
3. Sakura and Sasuke has been added to Titan Slayer Master